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About the salty part of the swimming pool water

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2017-12-07 13:36:15

Generally based on the size of the pool capacity and degree of turbidity to calculate the amount. Reference to the standard of water turbidity (no more than 5 degrees or 25 meters wide across the bank can see the depth of 2, the swimming pool health standards for FC content (free chlorine) 0.3-0.5ppm.5M pool bottom four, five lane line) , Do not meet this standard should be put in PAC. The amount of water per 1000M3 with 8-10 kg of aluminum chloride can be. You say the heavy chlorine does not meet the standards. This range is not smell of chlorine. Very heavy taste of chlorine Description plus more aluminum chloride is a flocculant, is added when the pool water turbidity, not a disinfectant. Will not produce harmful substances, plus polyaluminum chloride is normal, but to control the amount