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Talking about the Difference between Polymeric Ferric Sulfate and Poly Aluminum Chloride

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2017-12-07 13:36:38

1. In addition to the treatment of heavy metal ferric sulfate treatment of heavy metals out of the outside to COD, BOD and colorimetric non-removing effect, except for BOD rate of 93% except its impurities and turbidity than polyaluminum chloride 2, polyaluminum chloride treatment Temperature changes affect the temperature is lower than the situation of low temperature flocculation effect changes slow alum flower precipitation led to precipitation temperature in addition to polyferric sulfate low temperature turbidity application effect and residual iron from the reaction completely suspended solids completely removed 3, the polymerization of ferric sulfate than polyaluminum chloride Phosphorus removal efficiency Reduction of aluminum chloride flocculation reaction Both chemicals are added to reduce the degree of alkalinity of water Polyaluminum chloride is higher than the base polymer polyferric sulfate solid poly aluminum is less efficient than polyferric 4, Iron processing books with the same low cost Equivalent treatment standard Polyferric sulfate dosage Poly aluminum chloride 50% of the cost savings of 20-50% treatment and polymerization of ferric sulfate treatment sludge more closely and the amount of filtration than the polyaluminum sludge should be reduced accordingly Sludge treatment of the need for PAC I Guangdong Poly aluminum chloride manufacturers