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Crystalline aluminum chloride determination Why control PH = 5 ~ 6? Is the end color orange or red?

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2017-12-07 13:36:44

6 and the metal ions to form mauve purple, according to the standard will generally be configured at a pH of about 5 to 6, due to the visual effects of the solution may also show orange, due to different people's feelings, not sure if it is the end point then drop 1 ~ 2 drops to see if the color will suddenly change, then change is the end of the description. DETA as a metal ion complexing agent, EDTA is added to stabilize the pH of the solution as a buffer. The pH is controlled at 5 to 6 because the indicator xylenol orange is at pH & lt; lt since xylenol orange itself is yellow at pH & lt; 6.3 , The color of the solution changes from red to yellow when the metal ion titration is completed