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How to distinguish polyaluminium chloride by color

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2017-12-07 13:36:15

The three typical colors of PAC are three colors: sepia, yellow and white. How we judge the quality of polyaluminum chloride by color, and we can accurately identify these typical polymeric chlorinated Aluminum is treated sewage or drinking water. In many cases, it is inevitable that the content of PAC should not be too high, depending on what water is used to treat it. Like a paper mill, with 26,27 content can be used for urban and rural water turbidity tap water purification should be purchased for drinking water special aluminum chloride, but the drinking water level or is used in farming methods, content is Above 28, the hardness of water in different regions is different. In the high hardness water in the north of China and in the limestone area in the south, the calcium and magnesium ions in the water have high content of calcium ion, easy scaling, chlorine in the water, heavier heterochromatic odor and more organic matter Tap water, optional high content of PAC. The raw material of tan aluminum polyaluminate is calcium aluminate powder, hydrochloric acid, bauxite and iron powder. The production process is the use of drum drying method, generally mainly used for sewage treatment, because it added iron powder so the color was tan, the more iron added more color, iron powder if more than a certain amount at some time Known as polyaluminum chloride, it has excellent results in sewage treatment. Yellow polyaluminum chloride raw materials are calcium aluminate powder, hydrochloric acid, bauxite, the main sewage treatment and drinking water treatment, if used for drinking water treatment raw materials is aluminum hydroxide, hydrochloric acid and a little calcium aluminate Powder, dust-free cloth technology is the frame filter press process or spray drying process, due to drinking water treatment in the country has strict requirements on heavy metals, so both raw materials and production processes are better than the polyaluminum chloride . White Polyaluminium Chloride is the highest quality product compared to other polyaluminum chlorides because it is referred to as high purity iron-free white polyaluminum chloride or food-grade white polyaluminum chloride. The main raw material is high quality aluminum hydroxide Powder, hydrochloric acid, using the production process is the most advanced technology spray drying method. Sugar decolorization clarifier, tanning, medicine, cosmetics and precision casting and water treatment and other fields, because of the high cost of white polyaluminum chloride, so rarely used in water treatment, the general use of yellow spray-drying polymerization Aluminum chloride instead. Reference: http://blog.zhulong.com/u10633992/blogdetail7104003.html