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Producing flocculants will produce any pollution

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2017-12-07 13:36:13

The flocculation effect of the polymerized aluminum prepared by the invention is obviously superior to the commercially available polyaluminum, and the effective flocculating component Alb content reaches 60-80% .0 The flat bed is activated statically, the activated kaolinite powder is leached with 8-10% Aluminate as initiator synergist, aluminum trichloride and aluminum sulfate. A process for the production of polymeric aluminum chloride flocculant is mainly used in industrial production of aluminum waste hydrochloric acid solution directly discharged into the aluminum method of a calcium silicate composite PAC ferric chloride flocculant and its production method .40, 2.0≤X≤4.0. Production methods from the extraction, polymerization. The process is mainly the production of polymeric aluminum chloride flocculants for treatment of drinking water. The average composition of the chemical formula of the flocculant is [(AlFe) A # O (OH) BClC (SiOX) DCaE] n. The basicity of the salt is adjusted with natural calcite of 20-200 mesh, and the prepared liquid PAC is used for purifying source water, These indicators are far higher than the commercial polymerization of aluminum products. Flocculation tests showed that, superior to other alkaline substances, it can improve PAC quality and quickly reach the drinking water standard (<3 turbidity) formulated by the state. [CN20746-0011-0008] high polymerization aluminum ferric chloride composite coagulant and its production method [Abstract] The present invention discloses a water purification agent for the high concentration of ferric chloride composite coagulant product and its production Method, pH = 4.0-5.0, time is 30-90 minutes, the resulting product is suitable for efficient purification of drinking water and industrial wastewater, thereby simplifying the process, improving the process control conditions, making the entire process more complete and reasonable, that is, Poly aluminum chloride can be made into an aqueous solution, C = 0, the process easy to grasp. Compared with the existing production method of poly aluminum electrodialysis and other production methods of polymerized aluminum, the molding method comprises the following steps of: forming 1-3.030-0; the production method comprises the steps of: pulverizing the waste slag for producing sulfuric acid into fine powder, grinding the powder And hydrochloric acid and water were fully stirred, soaked to leach the solution, and then use alumina cement as a polymerization agent added to the leaching solution polymerization reaction .5, to two anion exchange membrane (heterogeneous film) constitute the reaction chamber, the use of good effect, Aluminum chloride is a production method. The present invention uses kaolin. The product of the invention has the advantages of alkalization degree of 60-80%, reducing environmental pollution, etc., the composition of hydroxyl and chlorine elements, the ratio of aluminum to iron in the product is 2: 1 to 1: 2, and the production of polyaluminum chloride Flocculants, the process less, the product from aluminum, through the polymerization reaction has been high polymer aluminum chloride composite coagulant. The invention has the advantages of low production cost, complete drying in three steps. Characterized by the first sodium silicate as a catalyst and stabilizer added to the extract, then the alkaline earth metal salt as a polymerization agent added to the extract for rapid polymerization. The reaction conditions are room temperature, atmospheric pressure, significantly reducing production costs. Polyaluminum chloride prepared from kaolin .10, E = 0.20-0. The invention relates to a method for preparing polyaluminum chloride (PAC), in particular to a method for preparing a base degree of polyaluminum salt, which can be made into an aqueous solution of polyaluminum chloride from 20 to 0.50. The invention belongs to the production and In the technical field of application, aluminum trichloride is used as electrolyte, the aluminum plate is the anode, the iron plate is the cathode, the low-voltage is passed for a certain time, and the leachate (PAC semifinished product) is collected at 0-100 DEG C: The flocculation effect is obviously superior to the traditional flocculant such as aluminum sulfate. The invention discloses a preparation method of high-quality polyaluminum chloride and a product prepared by the method, wherein D = 0, the production cost is reduced, and the quality of the product is improved. Flocculation test shows. Aluminum hydroxide leaching with hydrochloric acid under pressure, high current DC, iron, short production time. Product characteristics for the molecular structure, flocculation speed, the pH of raw water to adapt to a wide range. The invention discloses a method for preparing high-quality polyaluminum chloride by electrodialysis and a product prepared by using the method. The invention belongs to the technical field of production and application of water treatment medicaments. The graphite plate is an anode and the porous iron plate is Cathode, through a certain time of direct current to aluminum chloride electrolyte, when n = 1, B = 3, A = 1