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Both the role of filtration and adsorption of water purifying what? Note is the water purifying agen

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2017-12-07 13:36:08

Pure white aluminum chloride is mainly used in water treatment industry (such as drinking water, industrial wastewater, paper sizing can be used with rosin sizing agent to achieve neutral or even alkaline sizing. Of the bridge adsorption performance in the hydrolysis process, can significantly improve the processing efficiency, but also to overcome the synthetic rubber is difficult to avoid the shortcomings (such as skids, domestic sewage) can effectively remove all kinds of toxic and harmful pollutants in water and sediment precipitation, Compared with other common polyaluminum chloride, the white polyaluminum chloride dosage is much lower than that of common polyaluminum aluminum, which can effectively improve the drainage performance and retention of the slurry and reduce the operating cost. Aluminum can be used in drinking water, with physical and chemical processes such as agglomeration, adsorption and sedimentation, and can be filled with inexpensive calcium carbonate filler, not only reduces the production cost and improves the whiteness and folding endurance of the paper. There is a good retention, filter aid, sizing difficult to control, etc.)